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Private Prince is a Yaoi manga series written and illustrated by Asato Eiri.


Matsuno Kaoru works for a department store that sells very elegant mens' clothing. At this department store, there is a mannequin named Mister Veirne that brings about good business to the store. Kaoru begins to notice how life-like Mister Veirne really is until one day, Mister Veirne comes to life! And so begins a very interesting relationship between the prince-turned-mannequin Sado Veirne and Kaoru.



  • Matsuno Kaoru

  • Mister Sado Veirne

Overview of Story



Three years -.- I have officially waited three years for the next chapter, but still no update ;_; This is my favourite yaoi of all time. How can this happen!!!

From some I've heard the author discontinued it, from others that the group translating it (beautiful soup) disbanded. I don't care - I WANT IT BACK!!!! :'(

I would say this is a must read, but I warn you - DON'T READ IT. You will just become an addicted mess like me.

I'm gonna go cry now ;_;

- Written by WhiteKitten


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