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Ai o Kou Kemono is a completed manga at seven chapters within one volume. It is written and illustrated by Hakuto Noriko, who hopes it left an impression. First released in 2011, it has been published by Shodensha.


Senoo Kaoru falls in love with an attractive freshman he meets at the library, Shinohara Akira. Shinohara Souya is unable to let go of the memory of his beloved. And Akira is a lonely boy starving for love. No matter how strongly they wish for it, these feelings wrenching their hearts can never be requited. A secret past binds them together; and the shocking truth will be revealed in the end. What fate awaits these beasts in this tragic story by Hakutou Noriko?


Senoo Kaoru

Answering he can read, Kaoru helps manage the library desk. Kaoru feels he can concentrate better when it is quiet. Thinking there is a reason he comes here, Kaoru observes Akira who he notes always sits in the chair closest to the window. Seeing his bag is green, Kaoru assumes he must be a freshman. Feeling it is as if he is waiting for someone, Kaoru realizes he is being spoken to by him. Questioning if he likes reading, Kaoru remarks how he always sees him alone. Asking if he has any friends, Kaoru sees him walk away. Unsure why he was ignored, it only piques his interest. Joining him at his reading desk, Kaoru questions what is wrong with a little chitchat before sharing he is from class 3-C and it is nice to meet him. Knowing the Dazai(([1])) author and how he wrote "Run Melos", at being told to go away, Kaoru says sorry before guessing he will study. Considering how pretty Akira is, Kaoru is then keen for them to hang out so suggests an arcade, or karaoke. Seeing him leave with his father, Kaoru says to Akira he will see him tomorrow. Within his room, Kaoru wishes he could have stayed with Akira longer, then wonders why he is thinking about him. Also envisioning Akira and Souya where they were closer than what a father and son would normally be, Kaoru thinks what a weird thing to imagine. Having the same dream of an infant being caught in a fire, Kaoru is shocked to wake and see he is late. Striking up conversation with Akira at the cafeteria, seeing he has a rice omelet, Kaoru comments he loves that stuff so maybe he will get the same thing. Reacting to an outbreak of fire, noticing that Akira is also affected, Kaoru focuses on tending to him. Hearing he can sit with him, Kaoru thinks he is getting somewhere. Asking if he can bug him, Kaoru notes it is just them in the library so it is appropriate to talk. Where the librarian is here, Kaoru comments he does not matter, he is just taking up space. Addressing how Akira looked pale at the fire, Kaoru questions if he was scared. Speaking honestly, he was freaked out. Kaoru is similarly open in sharing how his house burned down a long time ago. While Kaoru could not remember much, he recalls the heat, the sound of the wall posts crumbling, and the smells. Eating chips while watching television at home, Kaoru answers his dad that the kids are not here today so he has it all to himself. Sharing details of his dream with his father, Kaoru is surprised to hear he has a brother called Akira. Having seen them kiss, Kaoru processes whether that was Akira's dad. Seeing him in the rain, Kaoru checks if Akira is alright. Unable to leave him alone when ordered, Kaoru takes Akira inside the school and lends him his gym clothes to change into. Seeing the kiss marks on him, and having a more complete picture, Kaoru affirms that is just wrong since Akira is Souya's kid. After they are intimate together, Kaoru processes the situation. With Akira in the library, Kaoru tells his colleague that he can lock up. Not knowing what Akira is thinking, Kaoru has no idea what he sees him as, but he does love him. Continuing to be intimate, Kaoru places his coat over Akira to keep him warm. Asking if he would like to go somewhere, Kaoru wants to know all about him, what Akira likes, his interests, dreams for the future and that kind of thing. Sharing he is going to move out and leave this town when he graduates, Kaoru details how there are so many things he wants to do out there. Asking if Akira will come with him, as for where, Kaoru replies anywhere he wants to go. At Souya's house, Kaoru is intimate with Akira. Startled to be found, Kaoru grabs his clothes and leaves in a hurry. Returning where the building has caught fire, Kaoru attempts to help both Akira and Souya. Told to leave, with the intensity of the fire worsening, and Akira not wanting to go, Kaoru is able to pull him out the building to save his life.

Shinohara Akira

Having a book to return, Akira mentions his name and that he is in class 1-A. Speaking how there are plenty of other empty seats, Akira reminds Kaoru he is supposed to be silent in the library. Trying to focus on his book, Akira orders Kaoru to stop bugging him and go away. Then speaking to correct Kaoru's work, hearing this stuff is for seniors, Akira replies that is freshman material. Stating it is none of his business as to who he is waiting for, Akira wonders how long Kaoru is going to follow him for. Seeing his father, Souya, he hugs him. Stating that Kaoru is just a stranger, Akira remarks that he does not need any friends when discussing it in bed with his father. Having a large scar on his back, as a baby Akira was caught in a fire. Having dropped his plate in the cafeteria, Akira insists he is fine. Concern is shown for Souya, and he kisses him while sleeping. In his state, Akira feels abandoned when not allowed to sleep with Souya. Impacted by the sudden change of being told to get home by himself, Akira answers he is going to wait until Souya comes to get him. True to what he said, Akira stands in the rain and wonders if he has been abandoned. Ordering Kaoru to leave him alone, Akira questions what does he care. Asking if Kaoru is that interested in him, Akira mentions how his father is kind enough to love all of him, his heart, and his body. Stating if they love one another it does not matter, Akira says he will make an exception for Kaoru, while thinking what would father think. Checking if Kaoru wants to do it, Akira feels that is how he stares at him. The next day, in telling Kaoru to just say it already, Kaoru is at the point he feels he is only being spoken to because sex is wanted. Not really interested in other activities, Akira considers he never had any dreams for the future. Being with father forever should be all he needs, in his current view. Seeing that Souya has been calling someone, Akira questions if it is a woman. Bringing Kaoru over to his house, Akira feels it is a turn-on to invite him into the bed where he and his dad make love. Telling his father that Kaoru is a senior from school, Akira replies who knows when asked how long they have been doing this. Wondering if he is jealous, Akira says Souya was not paying attention to him so he went to Kaoru instead. Angered to hear Souya is leaving the country, from Akira's vulnerable perspective he feels his father is trying to get rid of him. Surprised to hear Kaoru is his older brother, Akira raises whether Souya being against it is because it reminds him of himself. Having always knew about his father and mother where they were brother and sister, Akira states Souya always looked for her in him. Feeling Souya has never seen him for himself not even once, Akira then says he was fine with that. Happy so long as he could be with him, Akira states he will not let Souya throw him away. With the building on fire, Akira places himself on top of Souya for them to be together. Acquired by Kaoru, he cries when told to leave by his father. Tearful, Akira states he wants to stay with him and won't leave. Pulled to safety by Kaoru, it his said his memories from the past year have been forgotten, yet Akira is otherwise well.


Noting Kaoru is here again having joined him at the library desk, he did not think he knew how to read. It becomes more of an unpleasant mocking when he questions if Kaoru can only read manga. Having to go to the staff room, he requests for Kaoru to watch the counter. At the desk, he snoozes to himself. Calling to Kaoru that he is about to lock up, he questions if Akira not going home. With Kaoru happy to lock up, he leaves the key with him.

Shinohara Souya

Waiting outside school, after embracing Akira he says for him to get in the car while glancing at Kaoru nearby. Next to him in bed, Souya wonders if Kaoru was Akira's friend. Asking since he is usually alone, Souya remarks that he should at least make some friends. The sensible advice is at odds with the fact that he is sleeping with his son, where Souya does not challenge Akira's supposed declarations of love. Regarding a photo of his wife, Souya then pulls Akira close and holds him tight. Waking to find he is being kissed by Akira, stating he is tired, Souya says for him to sleep in his own room since even he wants to be alone sometimes. Visiting the grave of his sister, and found by Kaoru's father, Souya is sorry for going so long without contacting him. Having been thinking about it for a long time, Souya declares he wants to give Akira back to Kaoru's father. Picking Akira up in his car, Souya assaults him by slapping after he was touched by him. Asking if Akira wants to get him in trouble, where he does recognize it is problematic, whether he is aware of Akira's dependance on him or not, Souya tells him starting tomorrow he is not picking him up and he can get home by himself. Having been calling someone discreetly, Souya does not discuss it with Akira, rather reminds him he has school tomorrow. Speaking to Kaoru's father, Souya says sorry for being so selfish. Asked if he is really okay with this, Souya thinks Akira needs his family and he wants him to have a normal life. As long as Akira is happy, Souya affirms he will be fine. Retuning home, Souya finds Akira and Kaoru being intimate in his bed. Watching Kaoru run out, Souya has no reaction before he simply asks Akira who that was. Not caring what Akira does, Souya is firm in saying he just cannot do it with Kaoru, no matter what. In response to being told to prove that he loves him, Souya tells Akira he is leaving Japan next week and is never coming back. Adding that he is sending him back to his real family, when Akira is upset, Souya reveals Kaoru is his older brother. Collapsing due to the smoke from a fire, Souya speaks how when his sister, Akira's mother died, he wanted to die too. While he thought he lost everything, Souya says he still had Akira. Although Kaoru knew it was wrong, he still adored Akira, but not as a replacement sister, rather he loved him. When Kaoru finds them, Souya tells him and Akira to leave him and get out of here. Having experienced severe burns, it was already too late when his body was recovered.

Kaoru's Siblings

Two of Kaoru's siblings join him in his room where they wish to watch the TV. As step-siblings, they get along well but evidently they like different TV shows to Kaoru.

Kaoru's Father

Arriving home, he comments how Kaoru does not usually hang out in the lounge. Mentioning that Kaoru does not need to be reserved around his stepmother and the kids, his father affirms they are all his family. Hearing details of Kaoru's dream, he says it is about time they had a talk. Revealing that Kaoru has a brother, he mentions he is two years younger than him. Confirming he got out safely from the fire they were involved in, where a lot was going on with Kaoru's mother, they decided to divorce. Stating that Kaoru's brother's name is Akira, he does not know where he is. Finding Souya at the graveyard, he questions how long he has been back for. In an office setting, having talked to his wife about it, Kaoru's father comments to Souya how their house is so small, but Akira is his son as they arrange to have him live there.


Coming across Kaoru in class, she does not see Akira there as well. Warning that there is a typhoon coming, she advises that Kaoru should hurry home.


Detailing how Souya had passed away, he continues that Akira inhaled some smoke but his condition is stable. Mentioning how he was hysterical, a sedative was given to Akira. While he seems to have calmed down now, the doctor adds Akira is still in shock and has lost his memory of the past year. He comments it may be temporary in his conversation with Kaoru's father.


Kaoru spoken to by Akira

Senoo Kaoru joins a colleague at the library desk. Watching Shinohara Akira and noting he stays there until it gets dark, day after day, Kaoru finds he is spoken to by him. Joining him at his reading table, Kaoru's efforts to speak are rebuffed, before Akira has a change of heart to help him with a mistake made in his work. When Kaoru wonders who Akira is waiting for, since he keeps looking outside, the reply is it's none of his business. Leaving, where Kaoru follow Akira he sees his father, Shinohara Souya. Thinking about them at home, Kaoru wonders if they really were parent and child considering how close Souya was to Akira. As Akira lies in bed next to his dad, elsewhere Kaoru regards the full moon and wonders if he will see Akira again tomorrow.(([2]))

As Souya abuses the trust Akira has in him, a visage of a child involved with a fire is seen. Waking up from his dream, Kaoru comes across Akira at the cafeteria. Where a fire has broken out, as Kaoru reacts to it, so does Akira. Mentioning it in the library, Kaoru shares with Akira how his house suffered a fire when he was younger. At his home, Kaoru sees his father return, who mentions he can be at ease around his stepfamily as they are all one family. Where a two-storey wooden building is reported to have burnt to the ground, Kaoru mentions there was a fire at school today. Hearing that Kaoru has been experiencing a dream of a fire, his father chooses that moment to reveal he has a younger brother. Where he and his wife divorced, Kaoru's father mentions the brother's name was Akira, who was taken with his mother.

After Akira exits the shower he finds Souya looking at a photo of his wife. When Akira mentions Souya should take a bath or he will catch a cold as he sits there naked, he is pulled into an embrace. Lying in bed, Kaoru considers the Akira name.(([3])) Akira comes into Souya's room where he feels lost. At his sister's grave, Souya is seen by Kaoru's father. Where they have not seen each other for some time, Souya tells Kaoru's father he wants to give Akira back to him.

Seeing Souya has come, Kaoru joins him in the car yet after kissing him, he is told to make his own way back home from now on. After Kaoru witnesses the kiss, he later wonders whether Akira is not coming to school. Where Akira has resolved to wait in the rain for his father to pick him up, Kaoru retrieves him. In class 3-C, Kaoru hears Akira say that his father loves him, which includes his body. Akira states that he will let Kaoru do the same thing his father does to him.(([4])) As Akira moves closer, Kaoru remembers his father's words that he has a brother yet engages with him in the classroom.

Arriving home and seeing Souya, while showering Akira wonders why he will not say anything. As Kaoru thinks on himself and Akira yesterday, he also contemplates the situation with Souya. After being handed the key by the librarian to lock up, Kaoru is alone in the library with Akira. Where Akira feels he just wants sex, Kaoru is not sure what to feel, but does think he loves him.(([5]))

Joining Akira on the rooftop, Kaoru hugs him and says it is okay. The librarian notes they have not been showing up lately. On the rooftop together, Kaoru mentions how tomorrow is Friday and does Akira want to go somewhere. Discussing plans for the future, Kaoru requests for Akira to come with him, wherever he wants to go. In bed, Akira remembers Kaoru asked to pinky promise. Heading downstairs, Akira finds Souya on the phone. Questioning if it is a woman, when Akira says he can make Souya feel better than she can, he is pushed and told to go to bed.

With Kaoru coming over to Akira's house, he is brought to the bed where he and his father make love.(([6])) While Kaoru and Akira are there, elsewhere Kaoru's father speaks to Souya over the phone. Discussing Akira moving in with Kaoru's father and his family, Souya wants him to have a normal life now. While Kaoru and Akira are being intimate at his house, Souya returns there. Walking up to his room, Souya finds Kaoru with Akira in his bed. Nonchalant, Souya only says Akira cannot do this with Kaoru, before adding he is leaving Japan next week. Stating that he is being sent back to his real family, Souya mentions to Akira that Kaoru is his older brother.(([7]))

While Souya says he cannot let there be sexual relations between brothers, Akira questions whether it reminds him of himself. Aware of the relation between his father and mother, Akira speaks he was fine if Souya saw her in him as they could still be together. When Akira affirms he will not let Souya throw him away, his wife is visualized speaking. Coughing due to smoke, Souya sees a fire has started from a cigarette that was dropped. Placing himself on top of him, Akira intends for them to be together forever.

Where Kaoru has dropped his subway card, while it is hard to go back, he feels he has to. With the building fire noticed by others around, Kaoru dashes back. As Souya says how Akira is not a replacement for his sister he loved, Kaoru enters the burning room. Kaoru grabs Akira and says for Souya to come too. When Souya speaks for Kaoru to take care of Akira, who wants to stay with him, Kaoru pulls Akira to safety. A doctor mentions how Souya has passed away from burn injuries, and Akira has lost his memory of the past year, yet it may be temporary.

Three months later, Kaoru talks to his dad how he is leaving before the kids wake up and make a fuss. While Akira is finally out of the hospital, and his father raises should he spend some time together, Kaoru answers he will not have his own room if he is here though. Where Akira's memories never came back, Kaoru sees him in bed but stops short of kissing him as he sleeps. Departing, Kaoru says goodbye to Akira. As he heads on his way, Akira is at the window and registers Kaoru's goodbye words.

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