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Love So Pure is an ongoing manhwa written and illustrated by PlanB. First released in 2020, it has been serialized in Bomtoon, Lezhin, and Ridibooks. The publishers are C&C Revolution Inc. and Ridibooks. Season 1 consists of chapters 1-38, and overall focuses on Jihyun and Yohan. Season 2 begins at chapter 38, which features Daesik and Yosef.



It's easy to get laid when you're a pretty, sassy bartender working at a popular gay bar. This lifestyle suits Jihyun just fine since he loves casual hookups without any intimacy… That is until he meets Yohan—his big, scary-looking classmate who's actually a pure-hearted softie. Can Yohan's simple love help commitment-phobic Jihyun heal from the traumas of his past?

Manhwa Seasons

  1. Season 1: 1-38 (38 chapters)

  1. Season 2: 39-92


Ryu Jihyun/Jay


Afraid of a patron's wife, Jihyun does not want to go home with him. Reiterating he does not want to, Jihyun adds the man is so aggressive. Laughing that his perceived charm often breaks when he opens his mouth, Jihyun instead heads back with someone else. 26, Jihyun's talents are said to be diving, speed-walking, running, pull-ups, kickboxing, cooking, and mixology. Receiving a call from his mom, Jung, he details how his classes start today. Up until a few years ago, Jihyun lived and played as a partner under the alias Jamie. Feeling used, lately Jihyun feels it is just not good and something is missing. Indeed in the second year of university studying social work, where he had taken a break for five years, Jihyun is not exactly keen on speaking with those he knew such as Sohye. Finding as always school is bright and warm, Jihyun deems it repulsive. Surprised to be lost in thought, Jihyun speaks how he is alright while thinking how Yohan looks scary. Even in the army that he served in, nobody had that kind of figure. Enduring ten minutes of panic, sweat, muscle pain, headache, and hunger, Jihyun's anger is at feeling Yohan needs to take responsibility for it all. Resolving to just glare at him throughout the lecture, Jihyun then promptly falls asleep. Finding that others are requesting that Yohan help them, Jihyun considers he lived a rough life and guesses Yohan is just another pushover. Seething that Yohan would be willing to copy notes for someone not inclined to do it themselves, Jihyun asks if he is stupid. Detailing that Yohan does whatever he is told, Jihyun adds those people do not actually like him. Jihyun will admit, that Yohan's hulk body, strong looking hands, and a face like a general, is arousing.

Han Yohan


With Jihyun bumping into him on campus, Yohan checks if he is alright. Questioning who Jihyun is to be saying such things to him, that the people who he helps do not like him, Yohan then reacts to Jihyun's nosebleed. Wondering if he should take Jihyun to the nurse's office, Yohan also suggests an ambulance. In a group project, Yohan shares he is a first year in Early Childhood Education (E.C.E). At 22, he is ranked first in the class. Yohan has puppet making as a hobby, and his talents include drawing, and organizing notes. Speaking to a friend how he noticed that Jihyun was staring at him, Yohan speaks how he was not as scary as he first thought. Further, Yohan adds that he has never seen a man as pretty as Jihyun. Asking Jihyun why did he take such a long time to come back to school, with it addressed that he is speaking to him, Yohan replies that is not it, then apologizes for what happened that time. Hearing since he is tall and easy to spot, Yohan states how he tries so hard to not cause any trouble. Having always been told that he was too big and too slow, Yohan also heard that he just gets in the way. Where Hose has sent unsatisfactory research to the group that will need to be done again, Yohan states he will do it. When Jihyun addresses Hose's behaviour and has threatened Daesik, he retrains Hose to prevent further hostile action. Asking Jihyun what is he going to do if something actually happens, Yohan comments how he is frail and should think of his body, before moving to how he is thin and pale, where he might break his hands and wrists. Yohan ends by affirming that Jihyun should cherish his body.


Asking Jihyun at the bar if he has time tonight, he mentions his wife went to her parent's house so it is empty. Declined, he says to not be like that before commenting that Jihyun is so chic. Stating it is a good thing Jihyun was hired for his face, because of him, business is doing better.

Jihyun's Partner

Informing him that he is here, he questions why Jihyun is so cold. Asking why he was so unfriendly at the bar, he wants to go another round. Saying that Jihyun is harsh at being told to go, he bids him goodbye.


Mrs. Jung calls Jihyun and hears about her son's plans to attend school. Messaging him on how his first day went, Jung's flurry of posts mention how this time, Jihyun really needs to get a diploma.

Sohye Chun


Recognizing Jihyun on campus, she reminds him of her name. Sharing that she is now a teaching assistant, Sohyu shakes his hand while asking whether Jihyun has finally returned to school after years on leave of absence. Mentioning how there is going to be an alumni reunion this year, Sohye questions if Jihyun wants to come. Saying for him to come visit the department office often as she continues her friendly and enthusiastic attempts to engage in conversation, Sohye wishes him good luck with classes. Checking an ear piece, Sohye enquires if others were listening, before detailing how their department's Jihyun has returned this time. Asking if they remember when she wanted to have a gay friend, Sohye feels this is such an opportunity.


Taking roll call, he is in a lecture class with Jihyun and Yohan.


Professor Hwang is mentioned by a student when Yohan is asked to pass some notes.

Yohan's Acquaintance

Slamming his way into the lavatory, he bangs on a cubicle door for Yohan to come out. Announcing that he is in trouble, he asks that Yohan come out. Repeating that he said he is in trouble, he calms himself to answer for Jihyun to not worry about it when asked by him about it. Where the urgency is to have Yohan copy notes for him, he says he will treat him to a meal next time.



Noticing Jihyun's expression behind the bar, Daniel asks if anything is wrong. Having found what requesting the cocktail from Jihyun means, Daniel is said to take him to the most luxurious of hotels. Pleased it is just the two of them alone, and the driver, Daniel is asked how he feels about finding someone else. Speaking for him to not say things like that, Daniel states Jihyun knows he has nobody else but him. Set on doing it in the car, Daniel explains he is boarding a plane right at dawn, and before he leaves for his business trip, he really wanted to see Jihyun.

Daniel's Manservant

Holding the door to the car open for Jihyun, he questions Daniel whether the information he gave him was useful. Without a response, he mentions he will pick Daniel up tomorrow.

Park Daesik

In a group with Jihyun, along with Yohan, and Hyomin, he mentions how they practically know each other's faces. Suggesting they introduce themselves, Daesik is 20 and a first year in E.C.E. Stating for everyone to do their assigned research, Daesik adds for them to meet up at the cafe tomorrow.

Kim Hyomin

Introducing herself as a first year E.C.E major, Hyomin shares how she feels at ease because Yohan is here. Speaking with Jihyun, she suggests they get to know each other.

Yoon Hose

In the third year of E.C.E, he says for them to work hard before commenting how their group is full of people with the same major. Having slept in, he calls Jihyun before detailing over a video call to others how he sent the research material to Daesik's email already. Exuberant when turning up with snacks, and asking if they are ready for a break, he questions Daesik whether the presentation is done. Gripping Daesik's shoulder having the suspicion his name might be removed from the project, Hose is also hostile to Jihyun when his lack of participation is addressed, and is overpowered by Yohan when Hose turns violent.

Yosef Han

Yohan's brother, he is 26 and a director. Visiting a gay bar, he finds Daesik and taking him outside, Han states this is not a place he should be at.


Ryu Jihyun is at the bar and declines to head back with a man whose wife has left for a while. Heading back with another man, Jihyun kicks him out of bed for showing up at the bar rather than calling before. After speaking with his mom, Mrs. Jung over the phone, Jihyun tells his partner to go.

On a university campus after a leave of absence, Jihyun meets Sohye again who has become a teaching assistant. Informing him of an alumni reunion this year, Sohye then interacts with others over an ear piece how Jihyun has returned. Thinking about it, Jihyun bumps into Han Yohan and is alarmed by his size. Finding that they are in the same lecture theatre together, Jihyun feels anger towards Yohan for his various minor physical ailments that he is troubled by. Awakening to find class is over, Jihyun sees that Yohan is popular amongst other students there, then in the cafeteria, among other areas. Regarding Yohan as a pushover since other students happily request he do tasks, Jihyun then finds someone banging on the cubicle door for him.

Where the person wants Yohan to copy notes for him, Jihyun speaks to say people like that do not actually like him. Asked how he can say that, Jihyun experiences a nosebleed and finds himself hard from Yohan's presence. At his residence, Jihyun reflects on the matter before being messaged by his mom. At work, Jihyun finds a patron named Daniel knows what the request for a cocktail entails. In the back of a car, Jihyun visualizes Daniel as Yohan.

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