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Dear Door is an ongoing webtoon manhwa written and illustrated by Pluto. First released in 2018, it has been serialized in Bomtoon. It has been published by Kidari Studio, PUBLANG, and then in English by Tapas, and Tappytoon. An uncensored version has been released by Bomtoon. Police officer Kyungjoon comes into contact with a demon calling himself Cain who sees him as his "Door."



After the death of his beloved girlfriend, police officer Kyungjoon just wants to be left alone to water his house plants and catch criminals. But after a police investigation into a mysterious cult goes supernatural, Kyungjoon finds himself unwillingly caught up in a world of demons, succubi and monsters - and the worst of them all is a demon king calling himself "Lord Cain." It turns out that in order to survive, Cain needs mana that can only be accessed through a "door" inside Kyungjoon. The problem is... how is he planning to open that door?


Kyungjoon Do


A police officer who when pursuing a suspect, recognizes a tattoo symbol linked to recent cult activities. Catching the escaping criminal, Kyungjoon affirms he is under arrest for unlawful assembly, fraud, and kidnapping. Knocked out and waking up to find himself tied up in a building on fire, Kyungjoon struggles to escape. Maintaining his composure, Kyungjoon thinks there has to be an opening somewhere. Identifying the same pattern on the interior of a building, he wonders if they were having some sort of ritual. Resolving to get out of here, Kyungjoon means to call for backup after. Passing out, he is saved by a demon named Cain in his unconscious state and becomes Cain's "door", a vessel that demons use to travel between the human realm and Hell. Arriving home, Kyungjoon speaks about his day to Soyoung, his girlfriend who passed away. Tending to water the many potted plants he keeps in his apartment, Kyungjoon hopes they will bloom beautifully. Kyungjoon has a very strong-willed personality and spirit, but also struggles with depression after the loss of Soyoung. He has been best friends with another police offer, Jinyoung, since they were young. An accomplished shooter, when firing at tendrils Kyungjoon also uses his environment to his advantage in a fight. Supportive of those he cares about, whether human or demon, Kyungjoon will go to great lengths to ensure that they are okay if they appear troubled. Kyungjoon strives to solve a case involving a religious cult. Although resistant to being a door for Cain at first, as their relationship develops, he becomes more involved in his role.



An incredibly powerful demon who has lived for 50,000 years, Cain chooses Kyungjoon to become his "door" between the human realm and Hell. He often needs Kyungjoon's help to recharge his mana. Able to change into a winged demon form, his other traits include a real name that induces strange effects in humans, so he has Kyungjoon call him "Mr. Cain". Refusing orders to kill the police officer, instead Cain saves Kyungjoon instead. Reaching Kyungjoon and speaking if he understands what it took to enter the human realm, Cain requests for him to live and fulfill his role properly. Protective of Kyungjoon since he requires him changes to something more as Cain finds himself increasingly attached to the human. Cain does express jealousy, as well as an initiative to help Kyungjoon with the case at hand, but only for something in return. Despite his injury, Cain is still very intimidating and commands the respect of other demons. Even with his power diminished Cain is a very skilled fighter, yet also relies on others. Cain has a very laid-back and humorous personality and does not take anything too seriously, but will quickly lash out and protect Kyungjoon if he is in danger. While the human serves a convenient purpose to him in the beginning, Cain's feelings towards him develop into more. Cain also has two notable allies who have served him over the years, Sid and Ben. Sociable, Cain works quite well with those he knows.

Character Article: Cain

Jinyoung Cha


A sergeant who has known Kyungjoon since they were young men. He is Kyungjoon's best friend and also a police officer in the same district. Praising Kyungjoon, he guesses their precinct is going to catch a big one soon thanks to what he found. Joking about it being ghosts or aliens, Jinyoung then jovially states for an officer to get back to work. Jinyoung is observed to be worried about every little thing, something he laughs off. Showing concern for Kyungjoon, he suggests they eat together having noticed he has been eating alone recently. Feeling he may be being pushy, Jinyoung says for Kyungjoon to call anytime he needs his best friend. His sister, Soyoung, was also engaged to Kyungjoon before she passed away. Although supportive, Jinyoung is not as open to revealing his own troubles as he is as drawing out the concerns that others may have. He manages to be freed from the influence of Sid.


Using a "heavenly weapon" to pierce Cain's heart, Satan leaves him in a weakened state.


Tending to an elderly man, she comments how gramps is drunk at high noon again.

Elderly Man

Seated while being spoken to by an officer, he essentially confirms he is drunk and requests to be taken home.


Near Jinyoung he praises Kyungjoon as incredible as always. Hearing that more tattooed guys belonging to a cult are appearing, he guesses they should bust them first.

Soyoung Park

She was Kyungjoon's fiancee and Jinyoung's sister. Soyoung commended Kyungjoon as a guardian in his new uniform. Thanking him for the flowers as she lay ill in hospital, Soyoung mentioned how they really cheer her up but was she asking for too much. She passed away from an illness only a few weeks before the wedding.



A cunning demon who serves as Cain's right-hand man, yet also has distinct views differing from his. Sid possesses many unique powers, such as mind control, memory alteration, and the ability to see through other people's eyes. Using his powers, Sid removes memories from people who witnessed a demon crow attack. Stating that he hates noisy things, Sid is described as arrogant and threatening others as if on a daily occurrence. His body was given to him from Cain, a gift that resulted in him pledging his eternal loyalty. Sid is often sent on missions to retrieve information or objects Cain is looking for. While he gives off an intimidating aura, Sid also has his own insecurities and develops an unhealthy obsession with a human. Sid is exploitative and has little concept of the harm he causes.

Captain Kim

She brings in many people who have been arrested for picking fights with the police.



A loyal, stealthy demon who serves Cain, Ben uses mana-powered wolves to attack and track down his targets. While he has a positive relationship with Cain, Ben strongly dislikes his other servant, Sid.



Also known as The Doctor, Aaron is a demon highly skilled in regenerative abilities. Around 35,000 years old, Aaron has lived in the human realm for roughly 500 years. He manages to stay alive by consuming smaller demons to restore his mana. Aaron is very reclusive and makes it difficult to locate him. He also works with Gayle.


Another demon who specializes in creating and deciphering barriers, crests, and spells.


Officer Do Kyungjoon pursues a criminal with a tattoo he is familiar with before being struck from behind and falling unconscious. Waking up, Kyungjoon finds himself in a ritual with demonic symbols plastering the walls in a building on fire. As Kyungjoon is affected by the smoke, Cain appears and speaks for him to live and fulfill his role. After Cain places his mouth on Kyungjoon's, who awakens, he uses his hand to extinguish the fire. Voices speak how he is still alive, and his door has opened. Claiming they have failed; the voices mean to report this to Satan. While Kyungjoon says for Cain to stop, he disappears in a column of light.

At the police station, Kyungjoon is typing at the computer before learning more of the expansion of those possessing the tattoo from his friend, Jinyoung. As they discuss how more of those tattooed guys are now appearing in more places, Jinyoung has heard another one was caught in a different precinct. Remembering what he saw, Kyungjoon feels it would be easier to explain if they really are dealing with a ghost or alien as Jinyoung commented. While Jinyoung invites Kyungjoon around to eat, he is disinclined to do so.

Arriving to an empty home, Kyungjoon recalls time with his girlfriend, Soyoung Park. In hospital, Kyungjoon heard Soyoung was pronounced dead at 8:45. The demon from before comes crashing his window. Cursing Satan, he did not think he would go as far to attain a weapon from the heavenly realm. On account of the stone shard, the demon requires power to replenish his magic. Enough needs to be drained to heal a stab wound through his heart, and for that he speaks about going inside Kyungjoon.

Another demon, Sid arrives and states Kyungjoon is going to die anyway. Awakening, the winged demon takes a human form and is arrested by Kyungjoon Joon. At the station, demonic crow-like being's attack, and both demons fend them off. Needing him for some purpose, the demon allows Kyungjoon to call him Cain and decides to head home with him.

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